Hospital Birth Cost

The average hospital birth costs around $ 10,000.00.

There is the prenatal care fee to consider, the hospital facility fee, the anesthesiologist fee, delivering doctor fee, pediatrician fee, lactation consultant fee and so on.

Even with a decent health insurance, your part of the bill is the deductible and 10-20 % of the overall fee.

Home Birth Fee, Including Prenatal Care and Postpartum Care for Mom and Baby

It's simple!

All of your care is covered in one flat fee of $ 3,950.00, which you can conveniently pay in payments. I take credit cards, cash and check and utilize health savings accounts.


I strongly believe that you should be able to use your insurance. Several insurance companies cover my services. You can find out your benefits by contacting my billing company and requesting an Explanation of Benefits.

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